Trap Artists Shining in 2016

The year 2016 has seen some incredible work from a number of trap producers. Compared to the other music genres, trap music has over the last few years experienced tremendous growth with different variations in style. Below are some of the artists who have hugely contributed to the success of trap music so far in 2016. Finally got to writing this one up after moving from NYC using these movers nyc.


Herobust has been one of the names frequently mentioned in trap music this year. his release of the I’m Aloud Extended Play through Mad Decent this year further catapulted him to the top of the charts. One interesting bit with Herobust is that each of his tracks has a unique blend of style beautifully woven together giving festivals and clubs some real entertainment. One of his extended plays is a high breed trap song with hip hop elements as well as future bass and dubstep.

DJ Snake

Following his entrance into the trap music scene with his originals “You Know You Like It” and “Bird Machine”, DJ Snake has enjoyed a continual rise to etch his name in the highest levels of bass music stardom. Courtesy of his collaborations with Dillon Francis and Diplo, DJ Snake has attained international recognition. He is fondly remembered for releases such as “Propagana” and Kanye’s remix, New Slaves.


Thanks to his collaboration with Dillon Francis, NGHTMRE has had a tremendous opportunity touring the world and serving his fans with official remixes of Tommy Trash, RL Grime, and a lot more. This year, he released the NGHTMRE extended play which has some of the most memorable and explosive tracks of this era. If you have had an opportunity to hear out his work at trap-oriented events and in other circles, you will definitely know that he is an artist worth his salt.

Mr. Carmark

Mr. Carmark ushered in 2016 just like any other year, but with lots of anticipation and mystic. He removed most of his materials from Sound Cloud even though there wasn’t much and uploaded an extended play which had more than 50 tracks through physical USBs at a Soulection clothing shop. Critics have appreciated the unconventional and anxiety inducing styles employed by Carmark that have turned his listeners into religious followers. His productions are truly natural and unmatched.

RL Grime

This is the legend of them all and a mentor to many of the trap artists. RL Grime has such a huge influence on trap music such that the most recognized and populated thread on Reddit known as r/trap dedicates a whole page for days at a time to him. It doesn’t matter the stage RL Grime steps onto around the world, he always receives such a jubilant and boisterous welcome.

Few artists can challenge the domination of RL Grime in the bass scene. Each drop is accompanied by a unique set of visuals which make the scale of his performances outshine close to everyone in the scene.

Even as we inch closer to 2017, the above names will likely resonate through in the minds of many fans as they anticipate new releases and probably new artists.