The Top 3 Mixtapes behind Young Thug’s Fame in 2016

Young Thug has been one of the successful artists in 2016. In total, he has done 3 projects or mixtapes that have topped various charts including the Rap Albums chart. All the three albums, Jeffrey, Slime Season 3, and I’m Up, have been released commercially and two of them have featured in the top 10 zone on Billboard Albums chart.

In the recent past, Jeffrey has accumulated a total of 37,000 in streaming album sales on top of 18,000 pure album sales. Below is a brief look into what each album has and the extent to which it has made Young Thug a real rap celebrity.


The original title of Jeffery mixtape was No, My Name is Jeffry. It was officially released by Atlantic Records as well as 300 Entertainment on August 25, 2016 for retail purchase. One of the outstanding features of this mixtape is the number of guest appearances from the likes of Gucci Mane, Travis Scott, Wyclef Jean, Young Scooter, and Quavo. The acclaim this mixtape has received across the board is massive and it charted at number 8 on the US Billboard 200.

Through his Instagram account, Young Thug first broke the news of this album to the rap community and the general, public on July 9, 2016. His initial plan was to release this album on August 16 because that is his birthday. However, this didn’t happen.

The mainstream critics including PopMatters, MTV News, Pretty Much Amazing, and Allmusic have described Young Thug’s collection of songs in this mixtape as essential, thrilling, and fresh.

I’m Up

This mixtape consists of 9 songs and was released by 300 Entertainment and Atlantic Records on February 5, 2016. The guest artists featured in this album include Trouble, Ralo, Solo Lucci, Quavo, Lil Durk, Dolly, Offset, Young Butta, and Dora. In its first week, the I’m Up mixtape sold a total of 21,851 copies and this made it the 17th highest most selling album that week at the domestic level.

Critics mentioned the unique scattershot release strategy utilized by Young Thug and the way in which it brought a refreshing change of pace from the conventional calculated and painstaking approaches used by rap generation. Because of his dynamic free spirit, Young Thug is not as attracted to lots of things outside his brotherhood. According to Lyor Cohen, the head of 300 Entertainment which is also Thug’s label, the artist lacks predictability and this is what makes him such an interesting person both on stage and in front of the camera crew.

Slime Season 3

This mixtape was released on March 25, 2016. It is an 8-track project which also culminates the Slime Season series. Just like in the above two albums, Slime Season 3 includes a number of guest appearances among them Yak Gottie, Duke, and PeeWee Roscoe.

This mixtape came up to number 7 on the US Billboard 200. It moved a total of 22,000 in pure album sales and 16,000 in album equivalents.

The success of these albums put Young Thug at an enviable position to the admiration of many in the industry as well as his fan base.